W4 T2 2016 Reflection

It’s Friday, and another school week is in the books. Time to reflect on the week that was, and recharge for the next challenge.

I had my first foray into gamification this week, having my year 9 Geography student’s design an underground Coober Pedy-style house on paper, and then build it on Minecraft. It wasn’t something I had actually considered at the time, however, when one of my students asked if they could build it on Minecraft and I saw the spark in their eye, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see where this would take us. Never before have I seen students so interested and engaged in Geography to the point where they asked if they could continue at home. THEY ASKED FOR HOMEWORK! WIN!

My year 9 Commerce class continued working on their Genius Hour projects. The students were so excited to continue working on this and started to develop some great teamwork skills, with some students pairing up to share skills. When I asked them if they thought Genius Hour was a worthwhile idea, they were quick to say that it really went a long way in making the subject even more relevant and authentic. WIN!

Self-doubt reared its ugly head once more for my students. With half-yearly exams starting next week, many students start to feel like they can’t manage the stress. I always respond to them the same way: don’t let the exams define who you are. A piece of paper with a grade does not make you any more, or less, of a decent, wonderful human being. Here’s a new grade scale:

A = Awesome

B = Beautiful

C = Caring

D = Determined

E = Excellent

I really need to figure out how to wind down from the week. I can’t help but feel so deeply concerned for my students, that I feel really down when my students talk to me about issues they are faced with. I know I can’t really do anything about them, and I do everything in my power to help them, but I can’t seem to stop the feeling of helplessness.


2 thoughts on “W4 T2 2016 Reflection”

  1. You are not helpless. You are there and obviously know how to shine. To me, exams are benchmarking tests like with computer hardware benchmarking. It is a way to get them to try something which pushes them along…then you look at what happens , analyse it and put it in context. I was good at exams. They were like cryptic crosswords to me. Bit of a challenge for my brain. My students did some great things with Minecraft for house tours in French. It does set them on fire. You then can talk about it together. Maybe Mind Matters, protective behaviour training or mental first aid training would help you to know how you are getting somewhere.

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