Movies to Mark To

It’s marking season, and with that, comes the need to keep what little sanity we have left as teachers. Unlike others, I need to have background noise to concentrate and mark. If it’s too quiet, I can’t focus. So, with that, I have listed my favourite movies to mark to:


Dredd (2012): This movie (much better than the 1995 version) is based on one of my favourite comic books of all time and has some great scenes and an awesome music track. Plus, there’s something oddly satisfying about the line “I am the law!” being said over and over while I am doling out grades. Note: this movie is rated MA 15+ and its source material is rated R.

Star Trek: This entry is based on the entire franchise. I love science fiction, and this movie fills me with wonder and potential of what is possible. Much like what I like to look for in my student’s work. It also helps that it has a jaunty soundtrack (at least the earlier movies do. Why do movies have to be so dark and brooding lately?) to keep your spirits high.

Mad Max: Fury Road: This is a high-intensity movie with a fast-paced and thumping soundtrack. Enough to keep you awake and pumped. Note: this movie is rated MA 15+.

Superman (the original… not the new rubbish ones): Superman is my favourite hero of all time (fictional hero that is. I’ll post about my real-life heroes sometime in the future). I love 162having this movie run in the background while I mark for one simple reason: Superman stands for hope and justice. These are values I try and instil in my students every day and values I try and look for in their work. During the job interview for my current job, I was asked, ‘what does assessment look like to you?’ I responded with this: ‘I may be teaching students about sustainability, and they don’t do well in the exam. But, if I see them walking by some rubbish on the floor and they pick it up and put it in the bin, then I’d say they passed the exam.’


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