W9 T2 2016 Reflection

It’s Saturday, and another school week is in the books. Time to reflect on the week that was, and recharge for the next challenge.

I had Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences with my Year 11 class on Monday night. It was good to connect with the parents and students in a three-way dialogue about what is and not working. My favourite part of these conferences is asking students if they have a study plan whereby they dedicate a certain day and time to a particular subject. The parents always look like they have just heard the best idea ever, whereas the students look like they are going to jump across the table to stop me from talking. In the end, both students and parents are supportive about wanting to improve, particularly as they enter their final years of schooling.

Friday was a massive day for me, as I began a 27-hour shift at school that included a Year 10 reflection day and then the Vinnies Winter SleepOut. The reflection day was run by the Youth Mission Team, and they did an amazing job! They integrated faith and pop culture to engage the kids for the entirety of the day. Normally, at these events, students seem to lose interest after the first few minutes because they don’t see it as engaging and relevant. However, the YMT did a fantastic job. Never before have I heard such glowing feedback from students about a faith-based day. The day then transitioned into the Vinnies Winter SleepOut where roughly 120 students from Years 9 to 12 choosing to give up their Friday night (and Saturday morning) to experience what it’s like to live as a homeless person. They raised both money and awareness for this very pressing issue, but also had fun and bonded with other students as well. This was my first ever SleepOut, and I am already looking forward to next year’s event. Although I didn’t get much sleep due to the students consuming more sugar than I thought was humanly possible, never have I seen such great participation in such a worthwhile event. I hope the students involved continue in their pursuit to change the world, one small act at a time.


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