What’s In A Name?

A few people have already asked me about the origin of my blog name: Authentic Backwards Pedagogy. For those that don’t know me, I am rather sarcastic in my personal life (NEVER in the classroom: I have read enough of the research and have listened during enough staff meetings that this is NEVER OK).

Whilst all of my posts are [generally] serious, I thought to myself: how can I put down my thoughts on (digital) paper and still get a laugh in? Why not make the name of the blog the sarcastic part? Hence, Authentic Backwards Pedagogy was born! It is based on the general fads that were in education when I first starting mulling around with the idea of starting a blog.

Authentic is based on Authentic Learning, the idea that all learning must have some sort of real-world applicability.

Backwards is based on Backwards Design, the idea of starting with the end result in mind, and then building the lessons and assessment tools to reach that goal. This is, as I have been informed on many occasions, NOT the same as ‘teaching to the test.’

Pedagogy is as it has always been: the study of the method of teaching.

So, the sarcastic way of reading the name of my blog would be that the pedagogy is authentically backwards. But don’t worry, I try to keep up-to-date with the latest educational ideas.

I stumbled across a great article that looked at the all the education jargon currently circulating. It’s a great read.


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