W1 T3 2016 Reflection

It’s Saturday, and another school week is in the books. Time to reflect on the week that was, and recharge for the next challenge.

Well, it was the first week back to school after the holidays and what better way to start a new term than with an Athletics Carnival! It was a great day, and one moment in particular really spoke to the spirit that the students have: a younger student stumbled and fell during the 100m race, and someone further ahead of him stopped, turned back, helped him up, and then raced with him to the end so that he didn’t have to finish alone.

I had two practicum students shadow me last term, and this week they began teaching some of my classes under my tutelage. I am honoured to be given the opportunity to help someone else enter the teaching profession.

Yesterday, we had our school’s Feast Day, which involved a whole-school Mass and was then followed by a carnival. It was such a good day, particularly as this was my first time experiencing it all! The students enjoyed every moment of it, and the community spirit was evident once again as the local primary school also joined us, and our students did everything they could to make them feel welcome and happy!

Friday night (after a very long day), I attended a PubPD, organised by Craig Kemp. This was a great event, with over 100 teachers sharing ideas in a comfortable, social setting. Laughs were had, ideas were shared, and prizes were won. I picked up a copy of George Couros’ The Innovator’s Mindset, a 1-year subscription to Storyboard That, some littleBits, and a Kahoot! t-shirt. A great way to spend a Friday night!


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