W2 T3 2016 Reflection

It’s Saturday, and another school week is in the books. Time to reflect on the week that was, and recharge for the next challenge.

It’s been a great week at school, filled with fun and learning. I have been lucky enough to have been selected to be the teacher contact for the students participating in a student leadership pilot program being run by one of the biggest corporate team building companies in the nation. The students are really engaged, and I’m really excited about the calibre of the future leaders our country will enjoy!

On Wednesday, I introduced my Year 10 Commerce class to the BreakoutEDU concept.

I have never seen students so engaged in a lesson before. They were checking every nook and cranny in the room, wondering if even the smallest or oddest of items may have been a clue to unlocking the box and accessing the lollipops inside. They had 45 minutes to break in, but only needed 25 (I’d like to think that it was because I’ve done a great job at honing their collaborative and critical-thinking skills). Since then, they have asked me when they can do it again. I’ve also taken the box ‘on-the-road’ as teachers are asking about the box and if they can run a lesson with it as well. There’s nothing quite like seeing such high-intesnsity learning!

Friday was Hospital Heroes Day, and staff and students dressed up as their favourite heroes to raise money for the Children’s Hospital. Of course, I had to go as Clark Kent.

The students particularly loved the fringe curl, which is surprising as the Clark Kent of their generation doesn’t have a fringe curl. I also know that Clark Kent doesn’t have a beard, but there aren’t many last-minute options to dress up as when you have a beard and not much lying around the house to do anything with.

I’m also pretty excited that I’ve been asked to peer review a new education book. Whilst it seems like nothing massive in the grand scheme of things, for someone at the relative start of their career, to be asked for an opinion on a book that may shape the world of education is a big deal!

The only negative from this week is outside of the classroom and in the world of EduTwitter. There has been a lot of negativity and bullying, causing colleagues to turn against each other and question others’ motives. As professional adults who are meant to be role models of digital citizenship, this is absolutely deplorable. We need to take a step back and re-assess what we are doing here. We cannot continue like this if we want to be seen as professionals and adults.


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