W8 T3 2016 Reflection

It’s Saturday, and another school week is in the books. Time to reflect on the week that was, and recharge for the next challenge.

This week has been great with some exciting events! On Tuesday, I both attended and presented at my first ever TeachMeet! I was presenting on leadership and how to bring out those qualities in both teachers and students. The presentation can be found here. I was extremely nervous: for some reason, talking in front of 30 students is fine, but 30 of your peers is nerve-wracking!

On Thursday, I took part in day 2 of 3 for the Behaviour Management professional development course I am undertaking. Again, it’s great to do a PD course with practical applications: this session, we wrote SMART goals for some of our students who have behavioural issues.

Friday was the Year 9 Geography field trip to Cronulla Beach. The student’s loved the day, and really got a lot out of it. They were able to put into practice all of the theory that they had gathered up to then.


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