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Love at First Flip

The freedom, the fun, the flipping!

I had my first flipped classroom experience yesterday and it’s safe to say that it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done.

The subject: Year 12 Studies of Religion 1 Unit

The topic: St Paul of Tarsus

I must admit, I was a little worried at first about the lack of pick-up by the students on flipping the classroom, but only about 20% didn’t watch the video beforehand. So, the few that didn’t were moved to a corner of the room to watch it then and there.

For those that did, we moved on some higher order thinking work:

  1. Imagine St Paul and St Peter were on a see-saw, doing some research, identify which of the two would be more weighed down by their influence on the early Christian Church. This then led to free discussion about what should be classified as significant. Obviously, in the end we all came to the same conclusion: St Paul wins by a landslide (although, there were some good arguments that showed that it might be closer than we first thought – something that we definitely would not have had time to explore had it been a ‘regular’ classroom).
  2. We also managed to answer a big question: “What if… St Paul never existed. What would Christianity look like?” Again, I was amazed by the level of discussion that was going on in the room due to the pre-lesson video and the ability to have time to discuss and research.
  3. At the end, for a bit of fun, we completed a Fakebook profile for St Paul, where the students used their knowledge of Paul and his works to talk about him.

Would I do this again? Definitely. Best decision I’ve made.


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