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The Problem with PD

Now, don’t get me wrong… Professional Development is perhaps the most important thing a teacher and a school as a whole can undertake to benefit their student’s. However, I have noticed a problem throughout the years: once a teacher undertakes some form of PD, they immediately implement it and then after a short period, quickly stop. Is it out of excitement to try something new? Is it just the rush of energy?

I will admit, I’ve been guilty of this too. I go to a PD session, rush to implement something new, and then a few weeks or months later, have it slide out of my teaching repertoire. Why do I let this happen? It definitely comes down to time availability, and also the lack of momentum after the PD. No matter how much I try, it always happens. Has anyone else experienced this peak and crash?


2 thoughts on “The Problem with PD”

  1. Depends on the PD. I have attended some that have had a huge change on my practic (I.e. Choice theory, envoy ect.) others not so much. I usually find that best practice is to incorporate into other frameworks and pedagogy you subscribe to. That’s my take anyways.

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    1. Hi Streaty. Thanks for your comment. I agree 100% that it all depends on both the PD and to find a way to adapt it to your current practice, however, I was referring to the ‘sugar rush and crash’ of PD. You go to a PD and rush to implement, and then after a few days or weeks, you just forget all about it.


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