The Thirst for Knowledge

I’ve finally decided that next year, I want to go back to University.

Since finishing my last degree (a Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies in 2013 from the Australian Catholic University), I’ve been itching to do some more study. I’ve been tossing up what I wanted to do: do I do Theology? Education? Research? Coursework? After much research, I think I’ve finally settled on a plan.

Next year, I’ll be enrolling in a Master of Educational Studies at the University of Newcastle with a double specialisation in eLearning and educational research. I don’t foresee this impacting on my current full-time teaching workload (and, I’m happy to announce, my new role as an assistant year 11 and 12 coordinator) as it is both part-time and online. The aim is to complete the degree in (hopefully) two years (three, if needed).

The goal from there is to then undertake a Doctorate of Education within at least two to three years of finishing the Master degree. I’ve already started brainstorming some research ideas for both the Master and Doctorate degrees.

I also do eventually want to pursue some more study in Theology, but not until well after the Master of Educational Studies and the Doctorate of Education. So, that’s my plan. Please try and keep me on track.


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