Teacher Voice: When The Tool Goes Blunt

When I say teacher voice, I am not referring to the concept of teachers having their voices heard within organisations to ensure that their needs and wants are being met. I am literally talking about voice! Not the teacher voice that brings fear into a student’s heart, but literally the sounds a teacher makes.

What happens when the greatest tool (after intelligence and compassion) goes blunt?

Just over a month ago, I had a cold. Nothing amazing there. But, the strange thing was that after my cold passed, I still had a niggle in my throat. Whenever I spoke, I noticed my voice was not as it once was. Whenever I speak now, it doesn’t have the same strength, to the point where on a bad day, I can barely get it passed a whisper.

Yesterday, I received confirmation that I have a throat nodule developing, which will require some speech therapy to remedy (surgery is a last resort).

This then got me thinking: how much am I speaking in my class? How can I shift from me doing all the talking, to my student’s doing all the talking?


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